Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring A Locksmith In This COVID Situation

Since the announcement of lockdown because of COVID, you may be pondering if locksmiths in Baltimore MD are still working during this pandemic time.

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In short the answer is yes, the majority of professional locksmiths are working. Some retail stores may be closed but most locksmith firms are continuing to provide emergency locksmith services.

Will a locksmith service cost more due to Covid-19?

No, the price of locksmith services shouldn’t increase during COVID lockdown. Check out our locksmith price chart which includes emergency locksmith prices and indications of how much certain kinds of jobs may cost.

Will the call out charge more during Covid-19?

Again the answer is no! A reputable locksmith service like Baltimore Locksmith shouldn’t charge extra for a call-out in the COVID lockdown.

A call-out charge may be added to the total price if the locksmith Baltimore MD has to travel along distance which is a standard practice everywhere. Call us now to know more about our call out charges.

What is the working hour of locksmiths during COVID lockdown?

Our operation hours haven’t been affected by the lockdown, we’re still operating emergency call-outs and 24 hours service.

Are your locksmiths working in this COVID crisis?

Yes, we are running our operation with our full crew and all of our locksmiths are following the government guidelines strictly.

How you follow social distancing rule?

Our locksmiths will make sure that social distancing measures are kept at all times & will work with gloves, hand sanitizers and masks for prevention. Need a reliable locksmith in Baltimore MD during this COVID pandemic? Give Baltimore Locksmith a call. Whether you have locked yourself out of your home or you need a car key replacement, we have got all your locksmith needs covered. We would love take care of your locksmithing needs even this pandemic time.

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