How to Buy A Commercial Safe For Your Business In Baltimore MD

Are you looking to buy a commercial safe for your business? Maybe you are looking to upgrade your present commercial safe but baffled by the tons of confusing info out there. If you’re not certain what to look for, then you better take advice of a commercial locksmith in Baltimore MD prior to making a decision.

The pro locksmith technician at Baltimore Locksmith comprehend that not all safes are designed the same way, henceforth causing misperception. Below we have discussed four factors you need to take into account prior to investing on a commercial safe.


Buy a safe that’s a little larger for your present requirements. The number of valuables you need to store might increase down the road. Purchasing something larger now will surely save you probable replacement expenditures in the future.

Burglary ratings:

Do verify the burglary ratings on the commercial safe you’re looking to purchase. These ratings are the benchmark of protection a safe can deliver. Specific industrial ratings like B-Rate & UL TL-30X6 can be employed to find out if an exact safe is apt for your requirements. For instance, B-Rate safe with a supplementary alarm is rated to safeguard about $10,000 worth of possessions. In the contrary, the UL TRTL-30X6 rating is suggested for stuffs worth more than $1,000,000.

Keep in mind that these rating are only guidelines. Many other aspects that are discussed below need to be considered as well. To buy the right commercial safe, schedule an appointment with a certified locksmith in Baltimore MD & discuss your requirements.

Fire safety ratings:

Even if a commercial safe is made to defy clever safecracking & burglary methods, you’ve to examine the fire rating since it is just as critical as the burglary rating. Safe fire rating can range from half an hour safety in a fire up to 1550 degrees to 4 hours in 2000 degrees.

Lock safety:

To boost your safe’s security, pick a lock mechanism that provides strong defence against safecrackers & burglars. You can consider an electronic lock as it allows you to access your safe with access codes. For those who’ve trouble remembering pins & codes, a typical lock & key is also a practical option.

Other locking systems for business safe include redundant lock, biometric system and dial lock. The redundant lock is an amalgamation of both electronic & mechanical lock and has proven efficacy for commercial usages.