Five reasons that hamper your door’s appropriate function- How to fix it

Your safety and security are in jeopardized situations when a door refuses to close or keeps opening on its own. You may need to fix the issue to keep doors operating properly. It’s possible that the door jam is warped, the hinges are drooping or the striking plate might slip! Whatever the cause of your door’s inability to close, the information in this article can assist you in finding a solution.

It is always wise to call a residential locksmith as it is not an easy DIY job. Preferring the trained hands of a professional makes the entire process easy and they ensure your property is safe. Here are the most common reasons why your door won’t close and you need the support of a professional residential locksmith in Tampa.



Debris can accumulate in the strike plate’s catch due to a variety of factors. The catch hole might be partially blocked if wood or material from the door jam comes away. Examine the hole in the door jam where the latch should be landing while the door is open. Debris may have clogged strike plates in residential doors. Debris can accumulate in the strike plate’s catch due to a variety of factors. A sliding door can be drawn back if there is too much material on the track.

Doorway Tolerances

Won’t your door close properly? Check the top, bottom, and sides of the door for openings! The wood indoor can expand to the point where their gaps close and drag on the doorway. the foundation of the home can lift and change any doorway tolerance as the roots raise the ground. The residential locksmith Tampa looks around the edges of the door and locates the tightest tolerances. Mark how much of the door needs to be trimmed and do the needful.

Stuck Door Latch

If a door continues opening, check to see if the latch is properly extended. The door latch may become caught and not fully extend to capture the striking plate on occasion. You might have to fiddle with the handle or push on the latch a few times to get it to come out, but try it. The connection between the handle and the latch may be completely broken, or the latch may occasionally stick. When the door won’t stay closed is isolated to a stuck latch, then a lock replacement can solve the issue. Finding a fix takes time. It is wise to call a residential locksmith in Tampa that can fix things in no time.

Strike Plate Alignment

The latch needs to fall into the catch of the strike plate to keep doors closed properly. When a door won’t close, it’s usually due to a problem with the strike plate alignment. Variation in doorway tolerances can create this issue. Expert residential locksmiths in Tampa can diagnose and fix the issue by focusing on the strike plate exclusively.

Emergency Locksmith

Hinge Alignment

One of the hinges is likely to be loose if the door wobbles. Tighten the hinge screws with a screwdriver and see if that fixes the problem. If the door does not wobble and the hinge screws are snug, and it still won’t close, you may be able to resolve the problem by tightening the hinges. Place a sheet between the jam and the hinge after removing the hinge. Consider replacing the hinges if the metal is highly rusted or deformed.

Instead of looking up how to change a doorknob or how the door keeps opening, or going through the troubleshooting process or determining whether there is an issue with the lock, strike plate, doorway, hinges, etc., go for a reliable residential locksmith in Tampa to handle the issue. If you would like Locksmith in Tampa to help solve your problem then call them right away by dialing (813)330 2112.

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