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Welcome to Kacise, the leading name in the industry of water quality monitors. Our objective is to offer 100% satisfaction to customers. We always strive to do the best in our line. Kacise is a reliable company to choose for high-performance, efficient products like probe sensors, PH sensors, water quality analyzers, water turbidity sensors, nitrate analyzers, toxic component analyzers, and more. Our products are absolutely reliable. They are made to deliver their purpose well. Kacise has over 6,000 products online and over 300 customers. We are known to deliver efficient solutions in the industry. When it comes to water quality monitoring, we are a leading name.

Highly efficient ORP Sensor: Kacise manufactures efficient devices that measure the ability of a solution to act as an oxidising or reducing agent. Moreover, ORP measurements are highly important when assessing the quality of water.

These devices offer a wide range of measurements that can be useful for numerous applications. Moreover, ORP and pH levels can be measured with an ORP sensor via a 0–10 V signal or a 4–20 mA signal. ORP and pH are thought to be important in the fight against a variety of diseases. These sensors will be used to monitor the intensity of oxidation in liquids or solutions.

ORP sensors are used in various applications, like measuring the amount of oxygen in the water and in the power generation and water treatment industries. Apart from this, it also measures water containing floating pollutants, giving an idea of how much dissolved oxygen is present in the water.

The Kacise Water Quality Monitor tests water efficiently. It helps protect you from toxic water by alerting you when your water quality is found to be within an acceptable range. Furthermore, it helps you by measuring the hardness level, pH, and temperature of the water.

We manufacture high-quality products that are popular in the Northwest Industrial Group, Hainan Airlines Co., and many more. We even obtained ISO 9001 certification.

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